Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11th

when nick walked in last night and said 'hey pile, i spent 275 bucks' that's when i knew skipping the strip club wasn't the worst idea i've ever had. everybody was really stoked though so i might have to go if they make it back in the next few nights. dare bear went to pick up malto at the airport and nick's sitting in bed with his hair down rocking out to kelly clarkson, well, maybe i'm the one rocking out, that 'since you've been gone' song is awesome.
i just heard the most awesome thing ever. justin just said he spent all his money for the trip last night. he went back for one lap dance and he stopped paying attention, stayed for 2 songs, and had to pay 50 bucks. check that, new most awesome thing ever. some bitch had 'rebel' tattooed above her pussy so justin called her rebel and she kicked him in the shins. now that's awesome.
frank called the guy at 7-11 a communist for not breaking a 20 for him. then he walked into KFC and said 'i'm tired, i'm hungry, yes, i think you can help me. lemme have a zinger.' when the chick didn't know what a zinger was he freaked out at her and left. getting stories from justin is the best way to go.
i've entered into a state of total depression. i just went to log footage from the demo today and found out that my camera hasn't been recording audio for the last week. its not too big of a deal since we've had double angles at all the demos and can make due with what we've got, but i'm so stressed over fucking vx1000s that i can't handle it anymore. i've spent 3000 dollars and gone through 4 cameras in the last 15 months and have had zero days with a 100 percent working camera. kill me please, or at least just stomp my throat real hard. okay, had to get that out of the way. skated some ten stair rail that kind of sucked. everybody scared themselves jumping down it for a while then we headed up to ft. collins for a signing and a demo. the shop the market had a bunch of kids lurking and some delicious bar-b-que'd beef at the demo. busenitz shredded everything at high speeds while peter and malto fucked up the pyramid. fun times. i'm going to try to find a camera or choke myself in the process.

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