Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Saturday, April 14th

Fuck yeah, we're in denver for one more day, i love this place. rolled the dice and showed the guys this spot where i thought nick could get a crook real easy, turns out peter got an epic photo too and we were off to a good start. drove out to the airport where dennis made us laugh with stories of his LA acting gig for the EA Sports 'Skate' game. we tried to hit up an epic ditch but seeing as it was the first sunny day in a week there was definitely water all over. it took a group effort from all the colorado homies but eventually they got us directions to a loading dock spot with banks and rails that was sweet. so lets' see, skate, skate, skate all day, checked a few more spots and eventually hit up a best buy at 8 before starting our 8 hour drive to kansas. left at 9, lost an hour to central standard time and rolled into the hotel at 6 in the morning, freezing our asses off.

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