Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17th

yesterday we woke up, said 'aight late' to the folks and thanked them for the hospitality. drove to wichita, saw ben from the email about baseball practice and did the demo. the park was nothing like the old park that dennis filmed his sponsor tape at, but he ripped it all the same. it was a full on battle between him and dunwoody for hometown pride. maybe not full on, but dunwoody was definitely going for it. afterwards we ate the shit out of some dinner courtesy of clay from headway park, this kid michael ordered the 'great wall of chocolate' for dessert and that was the highlight of my day for sure.

Monday, April 16th

the next day we slept in thanks to no annoying wake up call and started to head out. turns out leaving the house with pro skaters is just as hard as when we'd go skate with the homies when i lived there. after an hour of a half of people wandering in and out, showering, eating, etc. we got going. my brother max helped out by driving nick and pete to the airport so we could hit the signing and demo on time. my only thought on the demo is thank god it didn't turn into a 'fly out over the trash can' session, like every other demo they have there. max ended up happy cause team deluxe sponsored his beer for the night in exchange for all the driving, and the homie arthur threw a party. the white house party got broken up so we moved things to the other homie peter's house where shit was epic. malto and justin kept up on the drinking side of the tour for us, and we got to gorge on a mess of slop from the bar-b-que joint that night, straight heart attack style

Sunday, April 15th

got a harsh wake up call too early in our wack hotel in lawrence, but at least it was right next to the skatepark. we skated the mini ramp for a bit and took off for topeka to, you guessed it, sign autographs at the shop and do a demo at the park. the guy who runs the shop, dan, is tight and his kid taj showed us a thing or two on a board. the park had an awkward looking rail that peter and nick murdered, while dennis flew around in a sea of kids trying to skate. demo went good so we tried some street skating in lawrence, but a wall to close to the landing of a handrail put an end to that idea. we had rudy's pizza in for dinner where some friends showed up and the girl working was hot. took it back to my folks house where the new dogs were kickin it and we could have a late night quick trip session after skating some big rail with the flow guy josh white.

Saturday, April 14th

Fuck yeah, we're in denver for one more day, i love this place. rolled the dice and showed the guys this spot where i thought nick could get a crook real easy, turns out peter got an epic photo too and we were off to a good start. drove out to the airport where dennis made us laugh with stories of his LA acting gig for the EA Sports 'Skate' game. we tried to hit up an epic ditch but seeing as it was the first sunny day in a week there was definitely water all over. it took a group effort from all the colorado homies but eventually they got us directions to a loading dock spot with banks and rails that was sweet. so lets' see, skate, skate, skate all day, checked a few more spots and eventually hit up a best buy at 8 before starting our 8 hour drive to kansas. left at 9, lost an hour to central standard time and rolled into the hotel at 6 in the morning, freezing our asses off.

Friday, April 13th

wow, i'm really feeling like malto and i are the team piles when we're waking up at 8 to walk a half hour back to the hotel. we lucked out and fakie malto (this chick who looks just like malto) stole some other chicks car to give us a ride. last night was pretty fun, kicked it with the homies at their house and even put in a little bar time. me and stoots had quality skate talk for a while and bucky got all hammer drunk. stoots and my brother are both flow from toy machine so we just talked sponsorship and all that bullshit. today its gonna snow so i guess we'll get out of town, sorry boulder park. its friday the 13th anyway, so it would have been a bad demo anyway.

Okay so I haven't been doing the by hour entries in a few days so i'll just have a couple of recaps for what's been going down. Starting with the rest of friday.

Woke up hella early around uncle buck's crib, had to roll back over there to get malto and start walking to the hotel to check out. Malto's been on this sick stay up till 4 wake up at 7 program this trip, its been keeping him fresh. so i wake up buck and derek to say 'aight late' and we start walking back when fakie malto, some chick who looks just like the real malto, gives us a ride instead. we decide to say fuck kansas cause there weathers lookin harsh there and get the hotel for one more night in denver. it seems like we tried to skate street but i don't think it worked. oh yeah, we went on a gnarly weed mission while it was snowing. it wasn't really that gnarly, actually was just like any average weed mission where you need to get ahold of 6 different people for rides, beer, etc. before you actually find any pot. so we rolled up to boulder, had a fun skate from the shop through campus to the park and filmed a bunch of doubles on the long quarter wall thing. sam from meta had a bar-b-que AND took us out to eat afterwards, where i used my adult agedness to get beers for derek and justin, which was hecka fun. we skated a big ass rail and malto took a hit that ended up bruising his heel for a couple of days, but pete and nick held it down for some photos and crunchy clips (that was for you, biggs). we rolled back to denver knowing we had one more night of debauchery left. justin got his fingers dirty as hell on the way back from some random high school party and made sure to be lookin pretty haggard the next morning.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday, April 12th

snowing like a motherfucker right now. we got up and mosey'd around the hotel for a bit. peter flew out last night for his grandma's funeral and dennis flies out in an hour to do some video game bullshit. luckily our demo is at an indoor park this time, so we'll get to skate around for a bit. we're killing it at a surplus store in the mean time. i got the camera situation somewhat resolved, my homie todd is letting me borrow his for as long as i need till i figure out what the hell i'm going to do about mine being all kinds of fucked up. we tried to shred some gap earlier that malto wanted to shoot something on, but that's when the mini blizzard hit. about all we're going to get out of today are some cool portraits and a little snow footy.
indoor park was fun, good little sesh on the pyramid ledge, everybody got a piece of it. justin was trying to get all osiris on us with combo moves and there were plenty of epic launches over the snowboard jumper. 303 hooked it up with some dinner at a pizza joint next to one of their shops, where we got to watch some fueltv and laugh at everybody on there. of course some of us have been on there before, so we can't laugh too hard. now malto and i are just chillin out at uncle buck's crib wondering what we'll be doing tomorrow if we get a snow day at the boulder park. aight late.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11th

when nick walked in last night and said 'hey pile, i spent 275 bucks' that's when i knew skipping the strip club wasn't the worst idea i've ever had. everybody was really stoked though so i might have to go if they make it back in the next few nights. dare bear went to pick up malto at the airport and nick's sitting in bed with his hair down rocking out to kelly clarkson, well, maybe i'm the one rocking out, that 'since you've been gone' song is awesome.
i just heard the most awesome thing ever. justin just said he spent all his money for the trip last night. he went back for one lap dance and he stopped paying attention, stayed for 2 songs, and had to pay 50 bucks. check that, new most awesome thing ever. some bitch had 'rebel' tattooed above her pussy so justin called her rebel and she kicked him in the shins. now that's awesome.
frank called the guy at 7-11 a communist for not breaking a 20 for him. then he walked into KFC and said 'i'm tired, i'm hungry, yes, i think you can help me. lemme have a zinger.' when the chick didn't know what a zinger was he freaked out at her and left. getting stories from justin is the best way to go.
i've entered into a state of total depression. i just went to log footage from the demo today and found out that my camera hasn't been recording audio for the last week. its not too big of a deal since we've had double angles at all the demos and can make due with what we've got, but i'm so stressed over fucking vx1000s that i can't handle it anymore. i've spent 3000 dollars and gone through 4 cameras in the last 15 months and have had zero days with a 100 percent working camera. kill me please, or at least just stomp my throat real hard. okay, had to get that out of the way. skated some ten stair rail that kind of sucked. everybody scared themselves jumping down it for a while then we headed up to ft. collins for a signing and a demo. the shop the market had a bunch of kids lurking and some delicious bar-b-que'd beef at the demo. busenitz shredded everything at high speeds while peter and malto fucked up the pyramid. fun times. i'm going to try to find a camera or choke myself in the process.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday April 10th

its been a while since the last write, so that means...its noon on tuesday, we survived frank behind the wheel from midnight to 5:30 and myself directing from 6 till 11 or so. at least there were hella jackalope postcards to look at while i was waking up for my part of the drive. There was a gnarly blizzardish thing on the highway in Wyoming, maybe 75 miles from Cheyenne. Traffic slowed down to 30 or 40 and it was hard to see more than a car length or two ahead. Seemed a little freakish considering that we're almost to denver and its nice and sunny, probably close to 50 out. Personally I think Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch was an awful idea, I'd never been there before and hope to never go again.
even though we made this crappy joke all night long i'm saying it again, "summer comes early, my ass!" it was 40 and windy today at denver park, not exactly ideal summer conditions. pete got out and ripped around anyway, and eventually everyone warmed up a bit and joined him. i pulled a mark move and went to the movies with a few homies while everyone else got settled in at the hotel. turns out grindhouse is hella long, as a double feature should be, but pretty funny. i kooked it again and went to check out the homies house after the movie, so now everyone's killin it strip club style and i'm here at the hotel like a mark. coming tomorrow: possibly hanging out with the people i drove here with.

Monday April 9th

so i still haven't decided how i want to do this, but for now i'll just run with this 'here's some stuff when i wrote it down' format

monday, april 9th
just got to our first gas stop and i found out the first exciting news of the day. i fart in my sleep. apparently my buffalo chicken burger from carl's jr. digested a little funny while i was asleep in the lower cargo hold (aka, the floor), much to the dismay of everyone else in the van. the gas station was pretty ep, frank and i pondered the possibility of ice cream products and eventually i had to leave just to stop myself from gorging. back to the lower cargo hold for me.