Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Friday, April 13th

wow, i'm really feeling like malto and i are the team piles when we're waking up at 8 to walk a half hour back to the hotel. we lucked out and fakie malto (this chick who looks just like malto) stole some other chicks car to give us a ride. last night was pretty fun, kicked it with the homies at their house and even put in a little bar time. me and stoots had quality skate talk for a while and bucky got all hammer drunk. stoots and my brother are both flow from toy machine so we just talked sponsorship and all that bullshit. today its gonna snow so i guess we'll get out of town, sorry boulder park. its friday the 13th anyway, so it would have been a bad demo anyway.

Okay so I haven't been doing the by hour entries in a few days so i'll just have a couple of recaps for what's been going down. Starting with the rest of friday.

Woke up hella early around uncle buck's crib, had to roll back over there to get malto and start walking to the hotel to check out. Malto's been on this sick stay up till 4 wake up at 7 program this trip, its been keeping him fresh. so i wake up buck and derek to say 'aight late' and we start walking back when fakie malto, some chick who looks just like the real malto, gives us a ride instead. we decide to say fuck kansas cause there weathers lookin harsh there and get the hotel for one more night in denver. it seems like we tried to skate street but i don't think it worked. oh yeah, we went on a gnarly weed mission while it was snowing. it wasn't really that gnarly, actually was just like any average weed mission where you need to get ahold of 6 different people for rides, beer, etc. before you actually find any pot. so we rolled up to boulder, had a fun skate from the shop through campus to the park and filmed a bunch of doubles on the long quarter wall thing. sam from meta had a bar-b-que AND took us out to eat afterwards, where i used my adult agedness to get beers for derek and justin, which was hecka fun. we skated a big ass rail and malto took a hit that ended up bruising his heel for a couple of days, but pete and nick held it down for some photos and crunchy clips (that was for you, biggs). we rolled back to denver knowing we had one more night of debauchery left. justin got his fingers dirty as hell on the way back from some random high school party and made sure to be lookin pretty haggard the next morning.

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