Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Monday, April 16th

the next day we slept in thanks to no annoying wake up call and started to head out. turns out leaving the house with pro skaters is just as hard as when we'd go skate with the homies when i lived there. after an hour of a half of people wandering in and out, showering, eating, etc. we got going. my brother max helped out by driving nick and pete to the airport so we could hit the signing and demo on time. my only thought on the demo is thank god it didn't turn into a 'fly out over the trash can' session, like every other demo they have there. max ended up happy cause team deluxe sponsored his beer for the night in exchange for all the driving, and the homie arthur threw a party. the white house party got broken up so we moved things to the other homie peter's house where shit was epic. malto and justin kept up on the drinking side of the tour for us, and we got to gorge on a mess of slop from the bar-b-que joint that night, straight heart attack style

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