Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunday, April 15th

got a harsh wake up call too early in our wack hotel in lawrence, but at least it was right next to the skatepark. we skated the mini ramp for a bit and took off for topeka to, you guessed it, sign autographs at the shop and do a demo at the park. the guy who runs the shop, dan, is tight and his kid taj showed us a thing or two on a board. the park had an awkward looking rail that peter and nick murdered, while dennis flew around in a sea of kids trying to skate. demo went good so we tried some street skating in lawrence, but a wall to close to the landing of a handrail put an end to that idea. we had rudy's pizza in for dinner where some friends showed up and the girl working was hot. took it back to my folks house where the new dogs were kickin it and we could have a late night quick trip session after skating some big rail with the flow guy josh white.

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