Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday, April 12th

snowing like a motherfucker right now. we got up and mosey'd around the hotel for a bit. peter flew out last night for his grandma's funeral and dennis flies out in an hour to do some video game bullshit. luckily our demo is at an indoor park this time, so we'll get to skate around for a bit. we're killing it at a surplus store in the mean time. i got the camera situation somewhat resolved, my homie todd is letting me borrow his for as long as i need till i figure out what the hell i'm going to do about mine being all kinds of fucked up. we tried to shred some gap earlier that malto wanted to shoot something on, but that's when the mini blizzard hit. about all we're going to get out of today are some cool portraits and a little snow footy.
indoor park was fun, good little sesh on the pyramid ledge, everybody got a piece of it. justin was trying to get all osiris on us with combo moves and there were plenty of epic launches over the snowboard jumper. 303 hooked it up with some dinner at a pizza joint next to one of their shops, where we got to watch some fueltv and laugh at everybody on there. of course some of us have been on there before, so we can't laugh too hard. now malto and i are just chillin out at uncle buck's crib wondering what we'll be doing tomorrow if we get a snow day at the boulder park. aight late.

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