Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday April 10th

its been a while since the last write, so that means...its noon on tuesday, we survived frank behind the wheel from midnight to 5:30 and myself directing from 6 till 11 or so. at least there were hella jackalope postcards to look at while i was waking up for my part of the drive. There was a gnarly blizzardish thing on the highway in Wyoming, maybe 75 miles from Cheyenne. Traffic slowed down to 30 or 40 and it was hard to see more than a car length or two ahead. Seemed a little freakish considering that we're almost to denver and its nice and sunny, probably close to 50 out. Personally I think Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch was an awful idea, I'd never been there before and hope to never go again.
even though we made this crappy joke all night long i'm saying it again, "summer comes early, my ass!" it was 40 and windy today at denver park, not exactly ideal summer conditions. pete got out and ripped around anyway, and eventually everyone warmed up a bit and joined him. i pulled a mark move and went to the movies with a few homies while everyone else got settled in at the hotel. turns out grindhouse is hella long, as a double feature should be, but pretty funny. i kooked it again and went to check out the homies house after the movie, so now everyone's killin it strip club style and i'm here at the hotel like a mark. coming tomorrow: possibly hanging out with the people i drove here with.

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